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Toyota Camry estate (1992 to 1996) for cars with roof rails:


Toyota Camry estate (1992 to 1996) for cars with roof rails

Atera SIGNO ASR carrier - 122cm AR2122 (includes...

Atera SIGNO cross bars are available, as a complete package, either in plastic coated galvanized steel or in aluminium.

These steel bars present a particularly low profile - only 40mm from the centre of the rail to the top of the roof bar - and are very easy to adjust and use.

Other features:

  • Modern design; they look good and feel good
  • There's real attention to detail, e.g. there are rubber strips to cut and place into the slots in the base of the bar to minimise wind noise, a feature not seen in other systems
  • The recessed lock is intrinsically much more secure than having an external lock. The right hand picture shows the special tensioning device / key in place
  • The clamps stay in position when the bars are removed, so there's no need for frequent readjustment
  • The clamps have an 'extra wide' setting for use on extra wide roof rails, making them truly universal for roof rails
  • The bars are available as a separate item should you move to a vehicle of significantly different width
  • Weight 4.9kg
  • Load carrying weight 100kg but be guided by the maximum permitted roof loading limit of your vehicle!
  • Roof bar dimensions 32mm wide by 22mm deep

Most of Atera's roof bars and accessories business is with the Original Equipment market, i.e. direct to the car manufacturers, where major customers include Audi, BMW, Daewoo, Chrysler, Fiat, Honda, Mitsubishi, Mercedes, Opel, Subaru, Suzuki, Vauxhall and Volkswagen. Atera’s reputation therefore speaks for itself and, (probably needless to say), all their products are TUV certified and quality approved to ISO 9001.

As an arm twister, a thank you for buying from us, and to show off these incredibly useful products, we'll include one free Fasty HANDY with every set of bars you buy, while stocks last - see pop up link for details.

4.74.7 based on 14 reviews

Atera SIGNO ASR carrier - 122cm AR2122 (includes locks) Reviews

- 24/06/2014 | Vehicle type: MPV
Excellent all round from cost to service bought roof box and bike rack at the same time again excellent value for money I would definitely recommend and use again for any future purchases. Thanks from one happy customer
- 23/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Great easy product to use so user friendly well worth every penny and the locking system is the best I've ever used. Well done
- 21/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Atera signo roof bars- Great product, easy to install, fast delivery, I also purchased a set of straps which are a big help when loading my rooftop with various materials or ladders.
- 20/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
These bars were really easy to fit initially, in fact the hardest part about the initial fitting was reading the instructions! We've had them on and off a few times now and it takes less than 5 minutes. We're very happy with them and would recommend them to anyone.
- 20/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
I have purchased roof bars before for my last car, along with car mats and cycle carriers. Roof box has always given excellent no nonsense service, I would recommend then to everyone.
- 19/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
It performed exactly as advertised. Easy to fit and carried some 4m step ladders on a 350 mile round trip with no problems at all.
- 19/06/2014 | Vehicle type: 4x4
Easy to fit look good spot on
- 19/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Quick delivery Good communications and after sales help with a wee issue. Easy to build up. I use the bars with bike carriers and I can't fault them. I remove the bars when not in use and it takes 5 mins tops to remove the bars.
- 19/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
I bought the roofbars for carrying bikes (using additional bike fitments) on our VW Passat Estate. The bars look smart, are easy to use and fit the bars on the estate roof well. They are securely fitted using a key. The bars also represent good value for money when compared with other products on the market and arrived promptly with no problems. I have now had them for almost a year with no problems and anticipate they will last at least as long as I keep the car.
- 18/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
I carry whitewater kayaks regularly but remove the bars at other times to reduce wind resistance etc. I've found these Atera bars really quick and easy to fit and remove just using the tensioning key. The build quality looks great but I have only had them a month or so so cannot comment on durability. Loads better than the Cruz bars I had before. Highly recommended. Incidentally I also rate Roofbox customer service highly. Despite a couple of problems in the picking/packing department the service I received to sort this out was exemplary. Shame this isothermal exception not the rule with uk companies.
- 18/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
The roof bars are well made and once you have set them up once are very fast to fix every other time. I have only used them to support bike carriers so far and they have been perfect for this. They arrived promptly
- 18/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent value for the price - slightly noisy (the wind causes a marginally annoying flat whistle) but they are secure, simple to attach and remove and above all do exactly what they are supposed to do and keep the roof box up top.
- 18/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Excellent quality and easy to install on my V50 estate - It was a little fiddly at first, but that was probably my ham-fistedness in truth. I bought these rather than the more expensive aero bars as I didn't want to leave them on the car all the time, and I get absolutely no humming sound from these bars, even on a dual carriageway. Thoroughly recommend these to anyone.
- 18/06/2014 | Vehicle type: Estate
Perfect fit, easy to use, high quality.

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We test, and often use personally, almost all the products we sell, and we stand behind our comments and recommendations unless customers convince us they need changing. Our Customer Services and Workshop staff also have input into our recommendations.

But it's because we've learned a lot over many years that customer feedback is so important. Fresh, first time out opinions are the most useful ones, and in any event we certainly don't have access to the full range of vehicles that our customers have between them.

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Please click here or on the pdf symbol below to see the fitting instructions (2.43MB):

Don't be alarmed by the amount of detail that is shown; the reality is that Atera bars are supplied fully assembled and only minor adjustments are required. Please also note that we sometimes recommend longer bars than Atera who specify the minimum possible length, and that their list of vehicle applications is not exhaustive.

The aim of this note is to persuade you that kayaks should always be tied to the carrying vehicle at both bow and stern.

Always tie down at both bow and stern

Untied kayaks have, in our experience, the greatest potential for a roof bar or kayak carrier failure. The massive forces that untied kayaks can generate have even been known to snap roof bar fixing bolts with the result that a complete assembly of roof bars and kayaks has ended up on the road. We know that this has happened with almost every brand of roof bar, and regardless of whether the kayaks are on a special carrier or just strapped to the bars.

You need to fix bow and stern lines, probably using the front and rear screw-in towing eyes to get strong and accessible fixing points on the vehicle. Kayak shops should be able to provide suitable 'paracord' for this purpose. Alternatively, we have sets of straps available that are perfect for the job and are really easy to use. Yakima make some excellent Bow/Stern tie down straps and Thule makes the QuickDraw 838 which we have listed together with every kayak carrier we sell.

Please note that kayaks should be strapped to the roof bars, or to kayak carriers, using straps that are suitable for the purpose, e.g. 25mm polypropylene straps with strong buckles. Bungee cords must never be used.

Please also note that all roof bar instructions point out the dangers of carrying unsecured long items, as of course do all kayak carrier instructions.

If you tie down your kayaks properly you almost certainly won't experience a product failure. If you don't you may or may not get away with it. If there is a disaster and the kayaks end up on the road, separated from the vehicle, then you were not using tie downs and you have subjected the roof bars to forces for which they were not designed. The costs of sorting this out are yours, not ours, and you may also have difficulties with your insurers.

We're sorry to be so firm about this, but "things coming off the tops of cars" is the stuff of nightmares, and we want to do all we can to prevent accidents of this sort from happening.

To find the spare parts you need, including spare keys, please click here or on the pdf symbol below, identify the product codes, then choose them from the list below. If you need more than 1 of any item, change the quantities in the Shopping Basket.

We try and keep spare parts in stock but if the part you order is not in stock we will get back to you ASAP to let you know how long it will take to order in.

Item: Description: RRP:
Atera spares (small): 092075 - Atera aerobar rubber strip for top of bar (per metre) £2.50
Atera spares (small): 087 582 - M6 washer £0.25
Atera spares (small): 087 895 - Atera signo bar allen key (4mm) £1.50

Item: Description: RRP:
Atera SIGNO ASR bars: Atera SIGNO ASR carrier - 122cm AR2122 (includes locks) £110.00 Auto Express best buy

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